DipWerx is located in Akron, OH. Our team has a combined background in Mechanical, Industrial and manufacturing engineering mixed with a desire to 

stay innovative to provide our customers with endless possibilities.

Call DipWerx for your Hydrographics applications. Hydrographics, other known as Water Transfer Printing, is a process of applying decorative finishes to rigid and semi-rigid products including plastics, glass, metals.

DipWerx gives each project the highest attention to detail. We guarantee not only our products, but also the results and expectations of our clients on every order. 

We are prepared to do your large volume order, a custom one off design or your proprietary design. Each piece will be individually inspected to the strictest

Quality Control Standards and MIL Spec Requirements.

Call DipWerx for your Automotive, Marine, Firearm, Motorcycle, ATV, Electronic, Home Decor or Custom project. Call or text for free quote!

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